Joseph Hansen

Avocat à la Cour, contentieux administratif, Luxembourg

Joseph Hansen holds a degree in philosophy (licence en philosophie) from the St Albert Faculty in Louvain (Belgium) and a law degree (licence en droit) from the University of Louvain.


He joined the Luxembourg Bar in 1973 and has been in independent practise since 1976, when he founded his own firm “Etude Joseph Hansen”.


From 1980 to 1999, he was a deputy member (conseiller suppléant) of the Luxembourg Court of Auditors (Chambre des Comptes du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg).


From 1995 to 1999, he chaired the Luxembourg Bar Association’s disciplinary board (Conseil disciplinaire et administratif des avocats du Grand–Duché de Luxembourg).


In 2015, he co-founded Hansen & Muller with Charles Muller and Hervé Hansen.


Joseph has accumulated extensive experience in both advocacy and advisory work. His recent practise has tended to focus on real estate, inheritance and commercial matters.